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Well taken care of

Trent was very helpful kind and was there to help when everyone needed him And overall great guy who made this part of my journey pleasant thanks Trent for all you do

Would Definitely Recommend

I can't say enough good about my time at 160! Instructor James at the Macon location was amazing! He was extremely helpful and very encouraging. He teaches in a way that everyone can understand and apply what he's taught us. He truly is a gem! 160 needs more instructors like James.


I’m so happy I ended up in the Macon location! I was in Riverdale, GA first and got a great start with Corey, LaLa and Mr. Frank . But James, in the Macon location helped me strengthen my maneuvers- especially Straight Line backing. I got the necessary time in the truck that I couldn’t get at the other location - because, honestly, the teacher to student ratio is too high. I got more of the 1 on 1 care from James that added to my confidence in my capabilities. He was great with helping me to fix errors without pull ups (that can cost you on your exam). I knew I was more likely to pass after the time I spent with James in Macon. Thank you, also, to Terrance for helping out behind the scenes. You’re a great liaison.

Great staff!

My experience at 160 driving academy was great. All the staff from the trainers to the teachers were very helpful and amazing. I would definitely recommend using them for your cdl schooling

Can’t go wrong!

At first the process was confusing, but Juan the manager was great in putting the learning and teaching process together that eventually fell into place. The instructors all have different methods of teaching, Jaime taught you to trim the fat off your pre skill so not to be long winded, Richard pounded all the road skills into you so it became second nature, Winton is the SKILLS master, just follow his instructions for the skills and you will have no problem (Trust the Process) and finally Mr. Mark the ROAD master, I was so nervous to go on the road at first and I couldn’t find a gear to safe my life but my first day with him on the road the way he explained the double clutching (up shifting and down shifting) from there on I coulda’t wait to get back on the road! Thanks Erica Gorman who put it all together for me and to all at 160 Driving Academy you have help me pave the way!


The instructors Tony and T were super helpful and supportive. They made the learning experience easy and fun. Would recommend anyone in the Denver area to come to 160!

A group that cares

I am forever grateful for the team at the Lexington location. The whole team wants you to succeed and it shows. They had patience with me as I knew nothing about trucks and gave me so much valuable information and showed me the ropes. 1 and done to start 2024 off and I wouldn’t have made it to this point without the support this amazing team gave to me. Once again huge thanks to Ms.Cheryl, Buck, Mark, Adrian, Mitchell and Dave awesome freaking team

CDL obtained!!

Big shout out to the El Paso location, the classes are quick and educational. Honestly I was nervous but with the help of Cuco, Joe, and Mando I got my cdl and coming out with so much confidence behind the wheel. I highly recommend them. The biggest help was how thorough they teach, not only how to find markers for maneuvers but how to do corrections at all points of each skills test.

Great class for Amazon TOM Team Associates

This is a great hands on driver training for Amazon TOM Team Associates trying to get their CDL thanks Blair, Chad, and Zac for a great class

Ricky D

Best, respected friend and patient guy I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Worth every penny