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Earning your CDL with 160 Driving Academy will put you on the road for a job with an average salary of $55,990*. Our truck driving school helps many students cover their costs with government-sponsored 1 training assistance and and all students can enjoy low-cost tuition. Some other great reasons to prepare for a new career with 160 Driving Academy are:

  • You'll be in high demand upon graduation – our average student begins at a salary of $55,990*.
  • Dedicated instructors who care
  • Many tuition options available
  • CDL holders enjoy very high job security and are always demand.

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Truck Driving Classes throughout the Country

As the largest truck driving institution, we have the most truck driving schools throughout the country. We have schools throughout the East Coast, West Coast, South, Midwest and Northeast. With a growing presence and new schools opening every month, be sure to check back for schools coming to your area.

Women In Trucking

160 Driving Academy has been formally recognized as a 2022 TOP COMPANY FOR WOMEN to work for in Transporation

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Recent Grads

“160 is the best cdl school to go they have great people working there and they don't give up on you if you don't get it by the end of 4 weeks I had a blast when I was there and now I have my cdl and now I am driving O.T.R.”

- Zach M.

“I highly recommend 160 Driving Academy for a good start. They have very good instructors and unlike most schools they work with you until you succeed. They truly want you to be successful. Awesome people.”

- Brenda B.

160 Driving Academy is Now Offering Hazmat (H) Endorsements!

This 4 hours course will be led by a LIVE instructor. Schedule your endorsement certification today!

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