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160 Driving Academy

Trained at San Bernardino CA 160 Driving Academy. Graduated 11/5/2019. I would give all instructors and staff 10 stars!

Great Program

I completed the course at the crest hill location. They have some great in yard instructors. Thanks Mark, Jim, Doc and Duck.


If you want to get a CDL quick and easy 160 Driving Academy is the place to go. Amanda in the office will help you get everything you need to pass the written portion. She really made it as easy for me to make it though the classes. Once I made it to the yard Cesar helps you every step of the way. He explains things in a way everyone can understand. If you are tired of what you are doing and are interested in driving trucks and making real money now! 160 Driving Academy is where that will happen. It happened for me it can happen for you! THANK YOU 160 DRIVING ACADEMY TEAM!

Moving To Sucess

I want to start off saying I'm very thankful for 160 Driving Academy. The instructor Cesar was very professional and a great teacher. I learned a lot and I'm happy. My goal is to succeed with success and the first part is done and now going to my second goal. Many more years of success to go. All thanks to 160 Driving Academy. Thanks.

I'm proud

These guys at 160 changed my life I'm proud to have this experience with them. They each have their own way of reaching and I took something from them all they were gteat

One and done

I came I saw now gone 160 teachers are the best in the world

Great school great people

Overall I had a really good experience both the mikes were very very understanding and explain everything when I didn’t understand it they had my back all the way and I was nervous at first but then I passed first try definitely miss that they’re not there because they were really good teachers but the school is overall a very good school and I would highly recommend it

Great communication skills

I learn a lot met new people and talked a lot of noise with Mr B but over all it was a great experience and Watever effort u put in that wat u get out of it thanks 160 driving academy


I attended at the Belleville location and everyone was extremely helpful in getting me started and getting me through to the end. I’ve wanted to be a truck driver for awhile and the staff helped that dream come true!!

Loved it so much

I loved it so much I came back as an instructor. My wife and I are both graduates and I really believe in how we teach.