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Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

My experience with 160 Academy of Huntington was more than a class. I truly felt the camaraderie and the love from the instructors who cheered for me and all the other students. Over 30 years of trucking knowledge was gifted to me and others and I will always be grateful and thankful for wisdom that was given. Last but not least.. Mike , Ray, and Rodger know how to work hard and have fun at the same 😁🔥 time. #goodtimes #friendlydudes #cometowork #straightshooters


My 1st impression, it's fast pace. However, there is reasoning behind the staff's method. A new student might think, why am I not driving yet. But rest assure, they drill it in your head the more importance. I would definitely like to thank you and the rest of the guys there for your attention and patience 🙏👍

Just a Pacific Islander kid!

I want to give huge thanks to Jessica and James and all the other staffs in Fayetteville Arkansas branch. Jessica is very nice and kind to all the students in the classroom. Outside on the Yard we have James who takes his Jobs seriously and love to teach his students with passion. I am very appreciative on all of what you’ve taught me. I was able to be ONE AND DONE with no Points. Due to everything you’ve taught me. Once again I am very Appreciative! best of luck to everybody who’s trying to get their CDLS! I HIGLY RECOMMEND Fayetteville!🤙

One and Done

This place was greatest. Came in listening to what they had to teach me. In school Sarah and Jess were the best. In Yard Dave, Chris, Miss Tee, and Nick and showed me they way of doing it. I put it all together and it gave me a one and done. So glad I came to this school and not Roadmaster!!!!

One and done 160 Drive Academy

I have a ton of great things I can say about my experience at 160 Drive Academy St.luois,but I'll keep it short and to the point. I've never meet a better team of professional men and women, I am extremely proud to express my gratitude. Thanks to Jess, Sarah, Chris, Nick, Dave, Miss Tee, and the examiners Dave & Deborah, without your training I wouldn't be where I am or where I'm going.

Best team of instructors!

All the students that I trained with passed the first time! Thanks to the Team of Deja, Antwon,Wayne, Larry and Amir. We tested with confidence and had the knowledge from the intense and direct training the team provided. Excellent location choice for school, you won't be disappointed. Choose Prairie State and get your CDL.

No Driver Left Behind!

My experience at 160 Driving Academy with the wonderful Ms. Lori was more than enough! I learned everything that I needed to learn from her and she also made it fun. If a student was not understanding something she worked with them until they got it. Because she always said, “no driver left behind!” I appreciate her so much and if I could do it again I would.

Exceptional Teachers

I must say at first my experience was a bit frustrating because I thought I was not having sufficient amount of time to practice as there are other students along with you, but stick to your instructor, ask questions and put in the work! I passed on my first try and I was nervous just the day before but trust me they work with you and now I am a CDL holder! Thank you all at the Orlando location! I love you guys!!!🙏🏾❤️

Cdl a

It was a good program. I did 2 day a week while I worked. It went really well! Thank you 160.

Amazing place!!

Great help with enrollment! Branch Manager Martec literally does all the work for you. Lead Instructor Chad and Secondary Instructor Angel instructors are very patient with new drivers and have exceptional training methods suited for an individual basis needs. Very thorough training! Great supportive atmosphere. Gives you the skills and expirence needed to pass CDL permit and drivers tests. Would recommend this school 10 out of 10 times especially the mineral wells location!