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Teachers Who Cares About Their Student’s Success

Where can I begin? I came into 160 Driving Academy about 2 years ago and didn’t have the money to pay for it so I saved up and applied myself as soon as I got there. I watched one video of my Assistant Lead Instructor Fletcher Harley and I told him that I wasn’t coming out on the yard until I felt like I was ready. Little that I knew, by the time I came out there I was far advanced from most of the students there, but it wasn’t enough for me. So the harder I went on myself the more I studied and showed my determination to get it and understand what I was looking for and talking about pertaining to the Pre Trip. Then, the shocking news that rarely happens actually happened to me. They took me out on the road to practice on a manual shift on just my 3rd day of being on the yard. I observed, I went hard on myself when I did something I knew better than to do because my instructors kept telling me the formula to perform every maneuvers, in which, was the exact same thing that they were explaining to everyone else. My determination and motivation from looking at my wife and kids asleep in bed was the fuel I needed everyday to do better than the day before so I can provide a better life for my family and with the help of 160 Drive Academy Staff. I’ve never seen any group of teachers that cares more for their students until I came to 160 Drive Academy. I appreciate everything they instilled in me to help me understand what I needed to know and made sure I was ready before I set off to do my road test. Thank you guys from the bottom to the top of my heart. I DID IT‼️💪🏾 With YOUR HELP 💪🏾❤️🖤💯💯 Calvin “Mr. Dance-A-Lot” Hunt was a ONE & DONE‼️ Thanks to you guys. Thank You‼️

Best school for a cdl

Everyone there was great from the office to the yard. Chris is very good at what he does. Complete info on everything you need to know. Lillibeth was amazing and was always on top of everything. And the yard, Scott was very helpful and patient as he could be. Thank you to all of the staff in Tulsa for the knowledge and help getting my cdl.

Unforgettable Experience

160 Academy is awesome. The instructors are amazing and very informative. Dewayne helped me through the starting process and taking classes and Ralph guided me with the right tools needed to pass my CDL driving test . At times I felt like giving up, they gave me the encouragement to keep going until I succeeded in getting my CDL license. And now because of 160 Academy and these incredible instructtors, I am on my way to a new career.

Unforgettable Experience

This program is outstanding. The instructors are amazing. Dewayne helped and guided me through the starting process and taking classes and Ralph showed me and gave me the tools needed to pass my CDL driving test. At times I felt like giving up, these guys gave me the encouragement I needed to believe in myself and keep going until I succeeded. If your looking for a well worth- unforgettable learning experience in your journey to becoming a Professional Truck Driver, 160 Academy is the way to go.

Professional,and superior training

I have graduated 160 academy,and I can say that while in the class room Sarah the classroom instructor was very professional and most helpful with any questions,she presents a very positive atmosphere for classmates and makes it very easy to be in the class,,THANK YOU SO MUCH SARAH!!WHEN I ARRIVED TO THE YARD WEEK 2,Mrs t lead yard instructor was very clear on rules and specifics I couldn't ask for a more professional instructor to help me successfully get thru the course with 160,, Mrs T absolutely without a doubt wants to see you successful and her knowledge and help is more then you could possibly ask for,I hope to see both Sarah and Mrs T them getting a raise and great praise in all the hard work they give to help everyone get thru 160 academy,, professional representatives of 160 academy and thankful I had the opportunity to meet them,,!!!!!!thank you 160 academy and thank you to Sarah Mrs T and other instructors for helping me successfully get thru the courses!!!

One of my best experiences ever

I absolutely loved every second of drive 160 school with James. He taught me and others everything and more than we need to know about trucks and driving trucks. I seriously couldn’t have gotten any luckier to have James as my instructor. I walked in not knowing a dang thing about anything Manual except for a written test. James taught me everything I needed to get my CDL and became a really good friend through the whole class. If anybody needs to get their CDL I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend 160 in Topeka with James. You will appreciate his patients and time with you when you are done there and I guarantee he will get you to the point you get your CDL. Gonna miss being there everyday of the week to be honest but I’m glad I got the opportunity and decided to go with Drive 160 in Topeka with James.

James at 160 is great

Best experience ever james is cool and down to earth and makes it easy for you to succeed glade I chose 160

160 is awesome

Chad Davis Lead instructor along with his assistants Gabe and Tyler are awesome and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are a safe and ready driver. Thanks you

One and Done

My time at 160 was great I was able to learn things about real world experiences I didn’t know I was going to learn, that I can use for years to come. The best advice I can give is to take your time and trust the process. Joe- was more of the push you to be better and show you tips and tricks to use in the real world to be the best driver possible. People may think he is being hard on you but that’s his way of showing his passion for his job because he wants you to be the best. John- if you’re looking for a laid back instructor he’s your guy. He was the one who taught me the “push push” on my first day and I promise it won’t ever leave my head. John has a ton of stories about his experiences that I will never forget and will always think about when I am in the real world. Mike- I would say he’s the most technically sound out of them all. Teaching me how I can approach different intersections/ lights/ roadways, etc. He will always make sure you know exactly what’s going on and why people are doing what they are doing. Jeremy- He’s closer to my age so I felt it was the easiest talking to him because he understood me. He taught me how to float gears (never used in class, for real world purposes only). He was never afraid to express himself while with me and it made for some fun drives, especially on my first day. Matt- He’s on the automatic side although I never got to drive with him he taught me how to be patient and to pre plan for what you know is going to happen. If you see him with his coffee just know he’s got 3-5 stories ready and 5 more coffees in his truck Nate- great guy he was more behind the scenes with everything and made sure it was a smooth ship and I appreciate him for being patient with everyone and understanding. I learned a lot of different things from all of my instructors which was the best part because I can pick and choose what I like over what I don’t from each and make myself the most complete driver possible. Last thing, if you ever feel any of them are being hard on you just know they see something in you and believe in your abilities, they all mean no harm and want you to succeed.


All the instructors are amazing. They are very patient with you and make it easy to understand what you are suppose to be doing. Great people and a very great environment. If you are trying to get your CDL 160 trucking in commerce city is definitely the place you want to go. Thank you 160 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️