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Best school in Louisville

I had a great experience learning to drive at 160, my instructor Ben genuinely cares about his students, their learning and their success. On the day I tested for my CDL there were 2 other schools from the area with about 7 or 8 other people testing. It was pretty obvious that they did not get the same level of training we got at 160, none of the students from other schools passed their CDL tests that day while 160 had multiple students pass on the first attempt. If you want to get your CDL and start making money, 160 is the place to go.

My personal experience

What an amazing experience I had with the instructors and the guys that were training with me we were like a family and we learned a lot from each other and helped each other out through out the training course, and if anyone is looking to get their CDL from somewhere I would tell you this is the right to do so.

Fantastic Place

Great staff. They are very friendly. It is a great place to go for you're CDL. Chad, Jess, Channing, Harley thank you for you're training and advice.

160 Driving academy staff

I would like to thank all of the staff from 160 Driving academy, starting with my in class instructor mrs. Lori Mosley for all her help in teaching. And I would also like to thank the Trenton New Jersey yard staff, Carlos, Rambo, Glenn, Bryan,Tammy, and Josh for all there help in teaching me all my skills I needed to pass my cdl road exam. They are all some of the top teacher. Thank you 160 for helping me get my cdl.

160 Nampa location

Marcel teaches in a way that sticks in your head,Austin has patience and fine tunes your skill,Lester makes bomb coffee,makes you feel like one of the boys.

This school is the truth!

School was great! Dave Adam's was an awesome teacher! Ryan and Dustin out of Salt Lake City ARE THE TRUTH!! I can honestly say that I didn't have to study ANYTHING! I just followed their words, advice, and teachings all the way through and it NEVER failed me. I couldn't have asked for better instructors. Really nice guys that I call my friends now

Great school

The instructors Mike,Pete,Ralph and Dwight are great they all have their own way of teaching so you understand everything you need to know I would definitely recommend them if you are wanting to get your class A cdl

Overall great experience

Teachers were very helpful and understanding. I would recommend to anyone who wants to receive their own CDL.

Ryan and Dustin out of SLC ARE THE TRUTH!!

I couldn't have asked for a better set of instructors then Dustin and Ryan. I honestly just followed their instructions to the "T" and it never failed me! Very clear instructions, tips, and techniques that were the TRUTH when it finally came down to the test. I not only got my CDL but I also made 2 really good friends.