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Lori Turnbull

Hands down the best trainer in crest hill.

great experience

great training! instructors were very helpful! Passed exam in firat attempt.

Good experience

Overall I had a good experience with 160, was it perfect? No, but nothings perfect, I have my CDL In hand, so I can’t complain to much

great experience

It was great, very informing. Treated us with respect, and good dignity. Made us feel like we could do things even when we thought we couldn't. Even though I failed the first test, It was because of myself and not my knowledge. Couldn't have asked for a better place to come.

Very Cool

Eric was a very calm and chill instructor. Kim was very polite. Very welcoming school. Would recommend!!!

The 160 way

As I walked in to meet Paul Lundin at 160 Driving Academy I noticed one thing right away. Paul made it easy to believe by his character alone that I was going to successively attain my commercial driver's license. He was there to help and I didn't have a doubt in my mind. The positivity in his words made me surrender any space for doubt I previously had in my mind about passing my behind the wheel test after completing the program. All of the staff and instructors made sure to answer all my questions and help me at every turn. Now I am a class A driver and very and very thankful to them. Word if advice. Use every minute of your time practicing your pre-trip whether you think you memorize it or not it will save you at the DMV. Stay away from the students that are there just to talk and pay attention to instructors at every moment they have something to say. All the help is there, all you have to do is take it and use it. Thanks again Paul and to my instructors.

The 160 way

From beging to end. My experience at 160 driving academy was smooth and something compared to a walk in the park. Once I received my permit and made my way to the yard I knew just like

Great school

Agata at oak creek was my branch manager. She was very helpful and accommodating. She always picked up her phone and try to help me anyway she could.

Best Trucking School for Job Seekers pivoting into New Career

I just completed the 160 Driving Academy program and passed my driving test today. My previous career was working in the technology sector as a Talent Acquisition Leader for 18 years, but was displaced during the Covid pandemic. I decided to make a career pivot into the growing market in the trucking industry and after researching schools, I chose 160 Academy. From the start, Amanda Corolla was able to quickly process me into the next open class and I found that the Testing preparation was thorough and the driving instruction was excellent. The instructors are all experienced Truck drivers who now teach. The Head Instructor, Ceasar, is a superb teacher and leader for the team. I personally had a slow start with shifting, but all the instructors (Mark, Pedro) took the time to get me squared away. They also fostered a supportive environment for women who were in the program, which made it easier for everyone who has an interest to join. All the instructors were focused on safety and doing things the "right way." I am already getting call backs from new applications on indeed , but will be getting together with Amanda to work with their placement program. If you are looking at a driving school, I strongly recommend 160 Driving Academy.

Great School. The Best Staff.

I came to 160 to learn a new skill and start a new career during Covid. Before the Covid shut downs I was working in entertainment marketing, and my industry completely froze with no sign of of anything returning to normal. 160 presented me a path forward with a 4 week long intensive program to develop driving skills that would prepare me for the trucking industry job market. Tim and Rau were my instructors, and they were knowledgeable, patient, and always willing to help me understand anything I was struggling with. I went from no experience operating a manual transmission vehicle to being able to perform essential parking maneuvers, drive a semi like a competent driver, and passed my dmv test with 4 weeks of training. MaryAnn is also the hero of the office. She makes sure you get your dmv appointments in a timely manner, and keeps you updated on any important information you need to know. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to learn a new skill and start a new career.