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Very thorough and professional CDL Class A training

I highly recommend “160 Driving Academy”, especially their Lincroft, NJ location on the campus of Brookdale Community College. Their manager and instructors are truly invested in your success in life as you prepare for the NJMVC road test for CDL Class A. They have instructors with many years of real-World experience and knowledge. Do not be dissuaded by affordability concerns as “160” can assist you with information regarding scholarships and employer tuition-assistance sponsorships, etc.. Call today! (732) 334-3189

Trucking school

Good trucking school

Best CDL School

Best CDL School I Went To. The Instructor’s Really Committed To Getting You Your CDL’s , They Really Work With You To Get Over Any Obstacle You May Have. Highly Recommend This School To Anyone Looking For Their CDL License ( Just Got Mine Today )

School That Never Gives Up On You

Great! Full of enjoyment! The best teachers I have seen in my life. From the branch manager Sara to the instructor Miss T and Dave, They are awesome!! Best Truck Driving School in Town. THEY WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU AND NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. 10 STARS

Amazing school and instructors

This was a great experience for me, all the instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. S/o to the Harvey crew, Tim, Chris, Justin Kevin, Ryan, Carl,Lenny, Al, Anthony, Jessica, Shameka, Antonio, Tony, Wayne, Greg, I appreciate each and everyone of you guys just helped me change my life I won’t forget it. Any was great too she made it easy for me join the class and has extensive knowledge about the course. It wasn’t easy but if you focus and put your mind into this it will be very rewarding, no feeling like hearing the state examiner say Congrats you got yourself a CDL license!!!!! I recommend this course to anyone looking to obtain a CDL thanks again everyone👍🏾💯

Great school

I got my license today!! It is a great school to learn from scratch.

Best school

I got my Cdl license today, It is great school to learn from scratch!!Amazing management team And great instructors!!

Great opportunity if you apply yourself and utilize your resources

I had a great experience with 160... They have great instructors with patience and skill... And also give you a little push when you need it... I didnt think i was ready but passed all my test on the first try... Show up and show out... Communicate your needs there are no baby sitters you need pre-trip, skills, road time speak up they will take care of you and wont set you up to fail... But at the end of the day you have to do the work... And if you do the work you will get your cdl and be ready to start a new career... Once school is done the real test begins... Lets get it

What's really happening..

In my personal explanation of my experience at 160 Trucking.. All I can tell you all.. Is that the formulas and methodology I learned at 160 Trucking were first-class top flight recipes that'll allow even the most remedial person to lock in the recipes to drive any combination vehicle across country! And I'd like to give a special thanks to all my instructors at 160 Trucking, starting with my mans Ivore the Florida boi who taught me to just freestyle my way outta any and all situations. To my mans Chad who taught me the basics which without I wouldn't have had any foundation for my elevation.. To my mans The Truck Cowboy Steve, who taught me how to hold the reins and stay lined up in my lanes.. And to the King of The Whip Chip who taught me how to whip on the road with a mother-ship! Yeah just on some real talk.. Them cats at 160 Trucking (including business lesion Ms. Falicia..) Be handling they business when it comes to handling business!

If you’re willing to put the work in you WILL be Successful!

I love how every instructor was able to accommodate all of the students. If you required extra time, to perfect your craft, the instructors were available. They teach, motivate, and assist students from different learning paths. I will promote this school for others to attend. I had a GREAT experience! Moreover, once your at the school prevent yourself from wasting the instructors time. Do what you came to do and GET OUT!