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Overall Excellence

I would like to thank 160 Driving Academy for a great overall experience. Specifically, Anthony from the office in Salem, NJ for helping me with the all the paperwork and testing I needed to do, as well as for setting me up with the virtual classes with James. James’ classes were highly informative and helped me pass my written test with ease. During my yard training, Tony, Will and John were excellent with pre-trip, and driving on the road skills. I appreciate Anthony stopping by frequently to ensure our progress as well. Thank you so much, James R Hunt 3rd

Just Graduated

Anthony, Will,Tony,John were amazing instructors. I have nothing but positive experiences at 106 driving academy. The best school ever!!

Good job

Just be patient and listen to what they instructors tell you and you will pass very helpful instructora

160 training

Experience was pretty good overall. I had 3 different instructors which made it kinda hard but if you are behind on things they will definitely help. If you are looking to become a truck driver I would defiantly recommend 160.

Amazing School

Amazing school with great instructors. Nice hands on training teaches you the ins and outs of truck driving. Highly recommended.

160 driving academy

160 is a great place to get your cdl, simple because the trainers and students are very supportive. it wasn't easy for me but I made it. the first time stepping into a truck I was so nervous, Dwayne made is easy. Thank you Dwayne for your patient and size 10 (lol). Also thank you Mike for taking the time to explain and show me what I didn't understand. Russ I will Never forget he also made it relaxing, he knew how to calm my nerves. Francis is very good as well, especially putting up with me bouncing him around. thanks Francis. Thank you Kathy for going above and beyond for me. I had to save Chris for last, because I have so much to say. I really thought Chris was mean, I was wrong I spent my last day with Chris, we had to go to Rockford to test, I rode in the truck with him we were there all day 4 drivers tested and passed, I watched him cheer each one of us on, as we drove pass the door he was standing in. I think he was more excited then we were. and I was extremely happy. Thanks to the Oswego 160 trainers you guys put up with so much and you still keep your cool, there is always more students than trainers, still you guys make it work. I would highly recommend this school.

Great Experience

What an awesome experience meeting people interested in the same thing that I am and a few experienced instructors with strategies to train some newbies. The instructor Justin has some real skills at reading exactly who each of us were. Both instructors have patience and let you learn at your own pace. I'd say the eugene location needs some fresh gravel in the yard and maybe 1 more truck to give everyone more time to practice.

Awesome Team!

Overall, I had a very positive experience with 160 Academy Carneys Point, NJ. Anthony- Manager Approachable, open for communications & his support for the student is very strong, he is always there very early in the morning to look over the program & ask each of the students if they have questions or concerns. Tony-Lead Instructor He is very helpful with anything you ask, especially in maneuver exercises & the test exam process it self. Will-Yard Instructor He is very helpful with the students regarding the Pre-trip process of the vehicle and trailer, about the Air brakes process and he explains things clearly and easy to understand. John-On the road Instructor He is very thorough in teaching students while driving on the road. Very helpful in providing tips on how to apply the right maneuvers & techniques while you are out there driving.

It is what YOU make it!

I had a great time while attending the school. I made a lot of amazing people instructors and students both included. Trucks weren’t the best, but they were well maintained and that’s what counts! The instructors show tough love which I think will help a lot of people out here on the road, the road isn’t the nicest place and some of these drivers aren’t the nicest people. Leave your feelings at home and come in with an open mindset. The yard was kind of packed with students and there was a very high student to instructor ratio, but if there weren’t students coming in and wasting time then there would be room for new students. Overall the staff was exceptional! I appreciate everyone I dealt with from Greg the yard manager to Sharese my branch manager, everyone had a great spirit! They all had one common goal and that was to make sure you got your license and got on the road. Thanks for a dream come true 160!

Best training

My experience is Super great, thanks to all I start to drive for Horman is down in the road and now work for Marten and do great miles. Thanks again for be so great teachers and hope to stop by one of this days to say Hi.