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Phil is the best trainer helped me out a lot to get my cdl, Aj aswell helped a lot worked in person with me to get my cdl very nice god bless ‘em

How I passed cdl test 160 academy

Straight up I was getting nervous all the time failed two times until I met phill he trained me so good and unique and I think only got cdl because him Phil is the new assistant / junior manager he is great teacher learnt a lot from him

We love 160 academy school

My Branch Manager "Chris" he is very awesome . All my instructors is very helpful and all of them have many experience and tricks for you to get and learn about driving and pre-trip. I just finished CDL test" yes I got it" ... so excited


Best experience ever! as long as you put in the work the instructors will not let you fail. I tested on the manual side of the school and passed the test first try. it's worth every penny trust me . the instructors are dedicated to you and getting you out there making money

160 Academy Graduate

Justin Price is the man. He makes everything easy. Be honest about your situations. I recently got sober from smoking marijuana. I was honestly with Justin and he helped me through the drug testing process and made sure I was able to pass my DOT examination. Justin was very kind and informative. Great branch manager. Dave was a good instructor to give you the tool to get your permit. The yard was an experience. Perry, Blake, Mike, Scott and Will gave me a lot of tools to help me graduate the class. Be mindful that there is favoritism on the yard. If you are a favorite, then you will have a good experience. If you’re not a favorite then be prepared to struggle and figure out things on your own and subtle racism is present. Overall decent experience and I’m happy to have received my CDL. Thanks to 160 driving academy.

Ima real truck driver Now lol thanks

My experience was good i Learn a lot of things lol now I think a can fix a truck lol but other then that the instructors was cool my branch manager was a blessing thanks


I passed the first try. Everything they taught me came together like clockwork. Good job 160! I am so grateful!

Great school

Matt was awesome he made me feel confident about driving and testing he was so patient you can tell he takes pride in teaching his students

Excellent school

Very good school with great instructors that teach u with a great attitude and are very considerate of their students. Overall great experience and highly suggest this school.

Set me up for SUCCESS!

When I first started at 160 driving school, I knew absolutely nothing. They gave me all the tools necessary in order for me to be prepared for CDL license test. I did my pre trip everyday, I did my in cab every day (thank you, Nancy). I worked hard on my maneuvers, with guidance from my favorite instructor, Ron. He helped me through so much. I would not have been able to succeed without him. My most fearful instructor, Dan, gave me so much anxiety BUT he will teach you to go above and beyond what you need to know so that you will not fail on your test and in the real world. Nancy helped instilled my pre trip in my head to the point that I was dreaming about properly mounted and secured, not bent, cracked or broken. I thank her for that. Teamwork makes the dream work and this team set me up for success, I got my test date and I passed on the first go round. One big thing about my maneuvers that I was taught: “it’s okay if you put yourself in a situation, just as long as you know how to get out of it.” I put myself in a situation on my test, and because of them, I knew how to get myself out of it. Thank you all for believing in me and getting me where I needed to be to be able to pass my test on the first try. Thank you Eddie, thank you Russell, thank you John, thank you Eric. Big thanks to Nancy who guided me in my first days and continued to work with me in helping me learn better ways in my maneuvers (my offset on my test was one of the best ones I did yet thanks to you teaching me how to USE my mirrors and find my cones!!!) I was so impressed with myself. Thank you Dan, for pounding in my head how important my mirror watch is for my lane control, especially around the curves (I killed it); no thanks to the anxiety.. jk lol. It helped, I think…. Big big thanks for Ron for being there for me through EVERYTHING! Huge thanks to Daniel for taking time and making sure I was prepared for my test. Eddie, you’re awesome. I appreciate you guys more than you’ll ever know for helping me succeed and giving me all the knowledge and the power and the support for me to be able to pass on my first try. Last but not least, thank you Stephanie for putting all this together for me and being so understanding! I greatly appreciate it and I look forward to all the future women truck drivers you guide in the right direction to be able to succeed on the road! Thank you for being so communicative with me! I love you all! I cannot thank you enough.