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I just got my CDL!

Big S/O to Erica, Jamie, Winton, Mark, Richard, Daniel and Juan these individuals all had a part in helping me make it through to get my CDL! If ya’ll looking to get a CDL 160 Driving Academy San Diego is where it’s at. This the winning ticket right here fasho! Thank you!

Above & Beyond

This school was so helpful along my journey to get my CDL. The branch manager I had (Julie Mensching @ Palos Hills) was very communicative & supportive throughout my entire journey. The instructors at the school were so helpful and encouraging also! At the Harvey yard, Henry was amazing with Pre-trip help. Lawrence, Brian, and Alex were so helpful teaching me how to drive. Don & Adrian were helpful with skills. Reggie was so helpful preparing me for my test! I was one & done so I got my CDL on my first attempt and would never have been able to do it without the help of everyone at 160!!!


My experience was great! I wouldn't recommend any other school besides this one.

Overall good experience

Overall, very satisfied with the training that I received at 160 training. Good instructors with everything we did.

The beginning of an Era

It is a cool program for a young guy such as myself. I felt like a program like this I was able to learn a lot not just about trucks but about kinda how life works in general. I had great help and motivation on my journey and big shout out to my favorite two instructors Mike and Andre for helping me along the way and I am just so blessed to be in this positions at only 19 years old. It was a lot to take on at once but it was worth it.

160 driving academy review

If you're looking to obtain your CDLs and pursue a career as a truck driver, I highly recommend the 160 Driving Academy. We had the pleasure of working with Martha, who was an absolute star. Despite running into a few hiccups that had nothing to do with 160 academy, Martha was always there to help us out. Once we sorted out the paperwork, my father was able to complete the class with ease thanks to the exceptional and highly skilled staff at the facility. The thorough training ensured that my father was well-prepared to pass the test and obtain his CDLs. The instructors, including Archy, Mr. Chino, Mr. Joe, Mr. Huego (hopefully spelled correctly) and Keith, were all excellent and helpful. We are incredibly grateful for their support and highly recommend the 160 Driving Academy to anyone looking to pursue a career in truck driving. Don't waste any more time searching for a better option - the 160 Driving Academy is the way to go.

Great school

This school gave me everything I needed to start my new career!

Life changing!

Lead instructor Chad is awesome everything is hands on all instructors are really good about keeping you calm and informed they walk you through each maneuver,skills, pre trip etc I highly recommend this school I didn’t think I would make it but with all these guys help they made me a one and done thank you all so much!

Best Truck Driving School

Mike, Roger and Tony were some of the best people I have ever met. They have years of knowledge and know just how to help anyone over come any obstacles they may face while trying to obtain your CDL’s. Mike was especially helpful during my time there. I would recommend this driving school to anyone who wants to obtain their CDL’s and create a better future for themselves and their family.

Great place to get your start

I loved every thing about this class . Kathy made me feel cared for from the beginning when I called to get started. The classroom week was very informative and made it easy to get my permit. I spent my first week in the Freeport yard with Anthony. Anthony was a great teacher, he was strict but never yelled or criticized me or anyone else. He told us what we did right and what we needed help with without discouraging us. I spent the rest of my drive training in the Rockford yard because I needed to switch from manual to Automatic (bad knees). Every instructor had their own way of teaching so if you didn’t get it with one, another teacher would make it click, Jay was awesome at verbally teaching skills and making you feel like a friend at the same time. Boni was tough but great at getting me to drive my trailer instead of my truck. Zack was great at teaching in cab testing ( I FAILED AT LEAST 4 times my first try with him). He made it well known how important it was. Rob gave great tips on tire placement when turning. Charles and Gene were both strict and no nonsense instructors and they made sure we knew what had to be done to succeed. I would do it all over again ! I appreciate them all!