160 Driving Academy to work with drivers to find jobs in wake of Celadon Bankruptcy

Over 3,000 drivers learned this morning that their employer, Celadon, has filed for bankruptcy, leaving many drivers concerned about filling the tank to get home, providing for the holidays, and their career moving forward. The 160 Driving Academy team recognizes the difficult situation that the Cel...

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Considering a Career in Trucking

When trying to decide on a career path to take, many of us are told to follow your passion, but what happens when the things you love to do don’t blend with the typical corporate-world job? When it comes to careers, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. While some people thrive in a structured offi...

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Your Current Job Could Be Prepping You for Your Career – Truck Driving

Do you love the feeling of being behind the wheel? Are you currently working as a bus or taxi driver? Or maybe you’re on a truck crew? These careers could be prepping you for an even better one…truck driving. Your background as a driver has already prepared you for the job.  Instea...

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