Do you love the feeling of being behind the wheel?

Are you currently working as a bus or taxi driver? Or maybe you’re on a truck crew?

These careers could be prepping you for an even better one…truck driving.

Your background as a driver has already prepared you for the job.  Instead of transporting people, you could be hauling merchandise or specialized equipment.

Truck drivers are increasingly in demand.  Companies are always looking for drivers.  With just a little training, you could be entering into a career that will keep you behind the wheel and almost double your paycheck. 

The professionals at 160 Driving Academy want to get you started today!  They have convenient local locations so that you don’t have to spend extra money on travel expenses.  With a high graduation rate and job placement assistance, you can be confident in your career from the start.

There are so many opportunities in the trucking industry so don’t wait to start freight career.   Your experience has already prepared you for this next step.  Get enrolled at the truck driving school, 160 Driving Academy, today!