What will offer you an average starting salary of $50,340, job security nationwide, and place you in a job that covers your four-week tuition costs? 160 Driving Academy is here to do all these things and more so that you can get started in a new, exciting career on the road as a truck driver. If a stable job that lets you travel sounds too good to be true, we’ll tell you why it isn’t: being a truck driver is one of the most in-demand jobs in America today.

Why Earn Your CDL with Us?

Why should you earn your commercial driver’s license and kickstart a career in one of the fastest-growing jobs today with 160 Driving Academy? We’ll offer you the best commercial truck driver training available as America’s largest truck driving institution. We keep tuition costs low and are able to pair the grand majority of our new graduates with companies who reimburse their tuition at 160. You will most likely be able to have your tuition reimbursed if you meet this criterion:

  • At least 21 Years Old
  • Licensed to Drive a Car
  • No Felonies, DUIs, or Drug Convictions in the Last 10 Years

It’s as simple as that! Placement into truck driver jobs with us is easy because companies who need truck drivers are chomping at the bit to get more of our licensed graduates.

We’ll Make Job Placement Easier than it’s Ever Been

We’ll pair you with the best trucking companies in America that not only pay an average of $50,340, but also give you room to grow in your career. With dozens of 160 Driving Academy schools across the country, we want to make it easy for you to commute to school every day and receive a CDL that will open the door to many opportunities. After graduation, you’ll be satisfied knowing your hard work will pay off with open truck driver jobs immediately.

Find Out More About Our Job Placement Opportunities

If you’re interested in the best truck driver training in the country that will pay off in spades, you can register to be a student at 160 Driving Academy today with our simple online form. We’ll offer you immediate job placement opportunities upon graduation so that you can get settled into one of hundreds of thousands of open truck driver jobs available. By training with us, you’ll be securing stability for your future.