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Topeka Truck Driving Classes

Truck Driving Careers

Salaries for CDL drivers on average are $55,990* per year, with tremendous growth potential.

Be In-Demand

Commercial truck driving is one of today's fastest growing career paths, estimates predict 300,000+ new jobs for CDL holders.

Travel the USA

As a commercial truck driver, you'll travel the country and see exciting new places, while delivering the goods that keep our nation running.

Earn Respect

We place you on the road to success. 160 Driving Academy graduates qualify for the highest-paid positions with the best companies.

Have you ever dreamed about hitting the open road and seeing the country as a commercial driver? With professional drivers in such high demand, a career as a truck driver has never been a better idea. At 160 Driving Academy of Topeka, we've successfully prepared hundreds of students across the country for their commercial driver's license (CDL) examination.

Topeka Trucking Class

Throughout your four-week intensive training course, you'll receive professional training from instructors who've spent decades working in the trucking industry. Our in-depth driver training program aims to give you all the skills you will need to begin your career as a commercial truck driver.

At 160 Driving Academy, we offer our students:

  • Classroom Instruction: Our students receive forty hours of in-class instructional time to prepare them for the written portion of the CDL exam. You can be confident that at the end of this week-long review that you'll have everything you need to pass the written exam with flying colors.
  • Field Training: We will spend the remaining three forty-hour instructional weeks in the truck and out in the field. You'll have more than enough time to practice driving a commercial truck on a variety of roads, and our teachers will be there to work with you one-on-one to ensure you can easily pass your practical exam.
  • Class-A Training: Most of the students enrolled in our truck driving classes hope to earn a Class-A CDL. With Class-A certification, you'll be able to drive trucks weighing over 26,001 lbs. which includes most traditional tractor-trailers.
  • Refresher CDL Classes: Have you attempted the commercial driving exam in the past, and need a review before making a new attempt? Our CDL refresher course might be just what you need to ace that exam when you're ready to try again.
  • Test Preparation: Let our experienced Topeka teaching staff guide you through all your preparations for each section of the CDL exam. With plenty of practice and no surprise, most of our students pass their licensing exams and attract lucrative offers from the biggest companies in the industry.

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