A Clear Path to High-Paying Truck Driving Jobs in Las Vegas
In just four weeks, our courses can get you fully prepared to pass the CDL exam and start your new career.
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Las Vegas Truck Driving Jobs

Truck Driving Careers

Salaries for CDL drivers on average are $55,990* per year, with tremendous growth potential.

Be In-Demand

Commercial truck driving is one of today's fastest growing career paths, estimates predict 575,000+ new jobs for CDL holders.

Travel the USA

As a commercial truck driver, you'll travel the country and see exciting new places, while delivering the goods that keep our nation running.

Earn Respect

We place you on the road to success. 160 Driving Academy graduates qualify for the highest-paid positions with the best companies.

For residents of Las Vegas, truck driving jobs represent a chance to enter an industry that offers good pay, security, and plenty of opportunities for advancement. Best of all, becoming a commercial truck driver only takes a time commitment of four weeks – when you sign up for a class with 160 Driving Academy, that is! Our school goes above and beyond to prepare students to take the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) exam, not just with focused classroom instruction, but with real-life, on-the-road training as well.

You’ll spend the first quarter of the course in a classroom, learning about trucking’s rules and regulations. Then you’ll spend 120 hours behind the wheel of a truck, putting your knowledge to practice on local roads, highways, and interstate routes.

Our aim is to get you fully prepared for your new career, not just the exam! Once you pass, you’ll find you have a range of Las Vegas truck driver jobs open to you. In fact, to make the process easier, we often partner with national trucking companies who will pay your tuition upfront! That’s how in-demand these careers are.

Las Vegas CDL Careers

So what makes a CDL career so exciting in this day and age? Truck driving is a sought-after skill, and many trucking companies across the country are looking for qualified drivers. This means you can forge a path in a secure industry where you’ll always have options. Here are just a few benefits of CDL careers:

High Salaries: The average commercial truck driver makes $65,000* per year, with starting salaries as high as $65,000*.

Opportunities to Travel: You’ll get to see the country on your company’s dime. Not many career paths offer as much adventure and day-to-day variety!

Learn More About Las Vegas Truck Driving Jobs

At 160 Driving Academy, we’re committed to helping our students embark on their dream career paths. Count on our comprehensive courses to prepare you for CDL careers that will have you earning more money than ever before. Ready to learn more? Simply give us a call or complete the online contact form to get started.