I gonna skip the online course a bit, not to say it wasn't insightful as well as educational but at this point it was awhile ago and that part of it is kind of of a blur to me at this point. I do remember that I went to the DMV first to pass all my tests (General knowledge, Air brake, and Combination) to help speed up the processes before I started anything and yes good move on my behalf. After I finished/passed my online courses, I was sent to my yard in Trenton, NJ. My lead instructor Carlos, straight up kept it a hundred percent with me, more or less in what he said "I'm not gonna hold your hand;" and by his words alone I knew had to take this very seriously in order to achieve my CDLs that I now successfully hold in my possession. The rest of his team were on the same page, if you care they'll work with you and if you don't, hey it's not their money being spent for the course, just being real. But all in all it was worth it and now I'm still young and set for life and it's all grateful thanks to the team of 160 academy yard of Trenton, NJ. WOOOP WOOOP!!

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