I thought there was not a clear difference in schools when I first started looking. Having learned at 160 and seeing what other schools produce, 160 is hands down the best and most interested in furthering their students careers. Classroom: Joe in the classroom was my first experience and he cared more than I thought a school could. Joe ran the classroom and made the beginning process extremely easy. He answered all questions and made sure we had the tools in the classroom that we needed. I have have stopped by a few times to see him, just to say HI. Training Yard: The yard is large and private. There is room and time to make learning easy and accessible. As they say in the classroom, this is your license, you have to make the difference for you. Ray, David, and James gave me all of the tips and information to make sure I was successful. They care and want to produce competent Class A drivers. They too answered all questions and made learning easy. They have an amazing amount of patience, as learning to drive and operate a full sleeper tractor and a full 48' ft trailer is not easy. The day I tested, the dmv had just reopened due to COVID. It was also during the worst winter storm that Northern California has seen in quite some time. The examiners were out for blood. Out of 32 students, only 3 of us passed to get our CDL's. The two others were driving box trucks (class B). I was the only one that received their Class A. I even had form D for pre-trip, and my truck was at least 30' longer than the other schools. I passed with flying colors and with confidence due to the instruction from my instructors. The other schools had small day cab trucks (6spds) with 27' flatbed trailers. THAT IS NOT A BIG RIG. They promise you can pass and get your CDL. Well, 29 out of 29 could NOT! A couple of their instructors even stated that being in such a large truck (160 Driving Academy students) it is harder to pass. HA! Yes, it is harder for them because at 160 Driving Academy, we are BIG RIG WRANGLERS, TRACTOR TRAILER TRANSPORTERS, CONVOY COWBOYS, 18 WHEELER HEELERS. WE ARE TRUCK DRIVERS. That day it showed me how ridiculous it would be to try and go from a small truck/trailer to attempting to operate a full sleeper and 53' trailer....... 160 Driving Academy is the only way to go!!!! Thank you to Joe, Ray, David, Julie, Jose, Ed, and James.

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