Where do I start? I had a blast from the start. From the classroom to the yard, there isnt any complaints. Joe was on point, responsive, job well done! The instructors were amazing!!! Hands on, knowledgeable, supportive, creative, consistent, top of the line!!! I am blessed I was able to work with all 3. Plenty of laughs, frustration, but definitely amazing!!! I would recommend!! Go in with an open mind and be flexible. Be willing to learn and remember it's an adult class. The attitude you come in with is the attitude you will leave with. Positivity will make the journey easier in the class, but most importantly in the yard. You can't learn and get along with the instructors if you dont have the mind set to learn. Stubbornness will not help you, only reason why I say that is, I was stubborn, but once i got out of my head, learning came way easier. Remember you are a student, the instructors know what they are talking about, they have been driving for years prior. Trust them. Good luck!!

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