My experience at the school was great! Jory in the office, Jeremy and Steve in the yard really made getting my CDL A worth it. Jory always had all my documentation in order and ready for testing, always spent the time to answer all my questions i had, before, during, and after graduation. In the yard I had two instructors, Jeremy and Steve. The knowledge and experience between the two of them is vast; like a deep well. They don't just equip you for the CDL and stop there, they help to equip you to get that first driving job and give you the valuable skills and foundation you will use throughout you driving career. In reality, you become family; its like the Adams family. They will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that will keep you safe, be an educated driver, and get you that first job. What you put in to this school is truly what you will get out of this school. In short, if you listen, understand, ask questions, practice and study what you have been instructed, learn patience, and take initiative, you will do well. You put in the time and effort with the tools and training you will receive and you will do well. Also, you will learn what "NF" and "NFTSG" really mean and you will be put in the hot seat where all your fears will melt away like dross. Overall, every student and person that comes through the school with Jory, Jeremy, and Steve there will always learn and gain valuable knowledge and be a safer, competent driver. As long as these three are here I will always recommend them without hesitation.

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