Mr Jeromy aka knuckles, my Instructor was the best. I went to a company and did there finishing program. 8 weeks with a trainer, then upgraded to my own truck. I impressed the head trainer day of my upgrade with my pretrip. He said was very detailed, I told him it was drilled in us daily in school. Its a very important thing to do daily and post trip. When I started I liked at Jeromy said no way in heck I'm going to remember all that. I did remember it and when I took my cdl test. I had to walk thru in can virtually without doing it verbally. even act like bleeding down breaks and everything to the dot officer. The dot officer said he felt like a ping pong machine. I would remember one thing and ask to go back to it when I missed it first time. This is far from the best school ever and would greatly recommend people going there. second review, first one i didn't finish everything I wanted to say properly. Thanks Jeromy for being such a great instructor. He is the best.

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