My experience was amazing and fast. I still can’t believe i’m officially a truck driver now. Thanks to all of my instructors starting with the first one on straight back was Brandon he was very helpful and made my time there fun. Then to skills was Bill such a great instructor and very helpful when struggling he would tell me exactly what I was doing wrong and would help me fix my problem. Then Lawrence taught me how to shift and I was having problems in the beginning but he had patience and helped me now my shifts go in like butter. For incab and pre trip I have to thank L because I was struggling so much and he even offered to help me after class to make sure I got it and also Gerald help me a lot and gave me good tips to remember everything. Once I got on the road I had Pat as one of my first instructors and he was very helpful as well he taught me how to make my turns wide and good without hitting any curbs once I got better I went on with Anthony another road instructor he was the most calmed instructor ever so he automatically made me feel comfortable and not nervous on the road so that made me perform even better. So I thank all of the instructors from Harvey that helped me I appreciate you all and I couldn’t of done it without you all. Then the instructors from South Holland those are the ones that prepared me for the actual test and helped me pass everything on the first try! Justin and Chris helped me improve my skills and Janice helped me get better on the road making sure I passed the test course she was very patient she was also funny always had a good laugh with her so that made things better and she always made sure I CHECK CHECK every time I crossed any train tracks. Thanks to her every time I cross tracks i’m going to hear her voice in my head saying check, check, double check! Lol THANK YOU ALL AND I APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

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