So happy I pick 160 drive academy for my CDL training the teachers were awesome and you literally learning something vital and new every. Ralph one of my favorite instructors here taught me everything I possibly needed to know for CDL testing, he had me doing turns that I thought was impossible like a professional driver never gave up on me even when I got discouraged. He challenged he through the impossible and prepared me for everyday life with Trucking. Spoon taught me to work out my maneuver and never left my side til it was perfect that made me learn my mistakes and fix it he is awesome teacher who is very dedicated to his students. Pete taught me to trust myself and get out of my owe head & gave me the confidence and instructions I needed to succeed. Mike is a awesome leader even with him doing office working and making sure the yard and his students and staff have everything thing we needed he still found time to always come out and give us support, pointer and advice. There were all awesome like you were all family Thanks 160 Drive you guys are all so wonderful thank you for this blessing that will change my kids and I lives forever….

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