Imagine showing up to class as the new guy. Filled with nervousness and anxiety, having zero to no knowledge of the curriculum that will be laid before you. GREEN is how I showed up to the Oceanside 160 truck driving school. My 1st day I was thrown so much information. The lead instructor Richard handed me 2 sheets of paper and told me to memorize everything that was on it both sides of each sheet to prepare for a test the following day (pre-trip). I shook my head and said to myself this is impossible, who can retain this much information. So I decided to talk to one of Richard’s instructors named Daniel. Daniel told me calm down and trust the process. He assured me that 160 would give me all the tools needed to pass DMV. However I would be responsible for reviewing and simulating all that I learned when not in class. He said that the 120 hrs of I had remaining would FLY BY and it’s my responsibility to study, study, study and study. Daniel would then take me on the road to an area they called the kiddie pool. There I would have my first shot behind the wheel of a 18 wheeler truck. I went from stalling the vehicle and grinding gears, to double clutching and downshifting. Once I complete the kiddie pool, I moved on to driving through the city and on the freeway. However, my instructor changed. It was a guy by the name of Winston. This guy took his time with me. it was with this instructor that I would learn to shift gears smoothly. I learned to maneuver through traffic. I would learn how to prepare my vehicle to make proper turns and control my speed. Every morning I would show up to class. He would always tell me Dontae what’s the word of the day and that word was consistency. I could hear him now “ Dontae why is my truck not running”, at every intersection “ left - right - left “ and while performing skills “ right to bend, left on bend “. But I can’t leave out the lead Richard. This man shows up every day ready to work, gray shorts, reflective shirt, and a trucker hat, sipping on a monster energy drink. This man was hard on me. 160’s policies and trainings was in-forced. He would tell me every time I’d mess up, “that not what I taught you, follow instructions and pass” - “spend more time on pre-trip, air-brakes and off the phone”. I knew then if I did what was taught, I would pass ( Consistency ). Short Staff these 3 men prepared me with what I needed to be 1 & DONE STUDENT! I know my review was long, but I think there’s so much that just needed to be said. Thank you Richard, Winston, Daniel, & Erica for using your skills to launch my new career. “ I’M A TRUCK DRIVER “

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