So I must start off by saying at first I was nervous and thought is schooling for me after all of these years , then boom just like that I met a few great people who would insure me that I was in good hands like Allstate. First when you meet the lovely secretary Ms Robin you feel welcome and instantly get the feeling that she’s on your side. Second Professor that’s what I called him Mr James is a one of one. If you don’t enjoy your time or learn anything in his classroom you’re just straight up dumb. Along with being firm , humorous and sincere he gets his job done. Now when you hit the next level an go to the yard , there you will meet Mr Scott the yard god. This may comes as a surprise but , his only complaint was don’t be late. After you get to know him you’ll find that just because he keeps his game face on doesn’t mean that he’s mad all the time an don’t relate. There’s no way you can’t learn to earn when being coached by Mr.Vern. A truck is a truck is a truck. Mr ain’t nothing funny when messing with my money. If you are ever in doubt on your first , second, or third day he will definitely reassure you tomorrow’s another day an things will start to get sunny.

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160 Driving Academy Corporate 160 Driving Academy

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