So my big figures hit the submit button too fast but I couldn’t finish without talking about Mr Chris an Mr Mike’s Ass lol. What can I say about Mr Chris when riding with him prepare yourself for a relaxed conversational drive while working a manual making sure you hit every gear with the proper up and downshift. If you don’t hit your gears right away the race track will hopefully become you’re friend so that you don’t miss that’s his gift. After learning front back left right side to side for a few days an no nights you then have the great privilege to meet Mr Mike , alright alright alright relax pay attention to every sign in sight listen to his commands and you should be alright, but if you’re looking for answers and think you might get him with your trick questions he doesn’t have one insight. He is truly a great DMV tester an is there to make sure you’ve learned an are able to pass the test right. If you truly want to know how my experience was , well if you are willing or trying to reach that next level of success go to 160 Drive Academy I’m more than positive than you will love the people and their strategy. Happy New Year 2021

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