After a few weeks (including the class and yard), I'm expecting to get my CDL-A final exam being scheduled and passed soon. Scary? No! Excited? Yes, indeed!.. Meanwhile, I'd like to thank the 160-office staff at Garner NC, and all instructors at Clayton NC Yard for doing an amazing job. I am sincerely grateful to all and everyone individually for the experience and knowledge provided and filled me up with. In addition to practical experience, DOT regulations and laws we have received, I'd like to notice that each day on the yard and/or during driving through the streets'n'highways was full of fascinating stories, real life lessons, useful remarks, tips, hints and humor. Oh, yeah! We've had the fun! Thank you, Miss Flo, Lou, Marty, Rouben, Dendry, and Ozzy! Each of you is the amazing person and great instructor! Wish you all the best! Additionally, I am grateful to my classmates for the great time spent together on the yard. World Peace and good luck on the roads, y'all!

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