Attending 160 Driving Academy was a very rewarding experience. All of the instructors I met were very knowledgeable, and shared tips on the trucking world from their own experiences. The classroom experience was invaluable, because the instructor goes over all the rules and regulations you need to be abiding by. While also going into detail and giving examples of proper ways to go about things. My branch manager Julie, goes above and beyond for all of her students. She was always reachable with any questions or concerns I had, and made sure to check in time to time on my progress at the training yard. Speaking of, the training yard was a great experience. The instructors there were fantastic. Each and everyone of them wants to see you get your license, and do their best everyday to help you accomplish that goal. By the time my test day came I was more than confident in my ability to perform the test. If you show up each day, work hard, study, and allow yourself to be taught. You will be just fine. Thanks 160!

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