My time at 160 was great I was able to learn things about real world experiences I didn’t know I was going to learn, that I can use for years to come. The best advice I can give is to take your time and trust the process. Joe- was more of the push you to be better and show you tips and tricks to use in the real world to be the best driver possible. People may think he is being hard on you but that’s his way of showing his passion for his job because he wants you to be the best. John- if you’re looking for a laid back instructor he’s your guy. He was the one who taught me the “push push” on my first day and I promise it won’t ever leave my head. John has a ton of stories about his experiences that I will never forget and will always think about when I am in the real world. Mike- I would say he’s the most technically sound out of them all. Teaching me how I can approach different intersections/ lights/ roadways, etc. He will always make sure you know exactly what’s going on and why people are doing what they are doing. Jeremy- He’s closer to my age so I felt it was the easiest talking to him because he understood me. He taught me how to float gears (never used in class, for real world purposes only). He was never afraid to express himself while with me and it made for some fun drives, especially on my first day. Matt- He’s on the automatic side although I never got to drive with him he taught me how to be patient and to pre plan for what you know is going to happen. If you see him with his coffee just know he’s got 3-5 stories ready and 5 more coffees in his truck Nate- great guy he was more behind the scenes with everything and made sure it was a smooth ship and I appreciate him for being patient with everyone and understanding. I learned a lot of different things from all of my instructors which was the best part because I can pick and choose what I like over what I don’t from each and make myself the most complete driver possible. Last thing, if you ever feel any of them are being hard on you just know they see something in you and believe in your abilities, they all mean no harm and want you to succeed.

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