This is a great school to attend I highly recommend from when we first started in the classroom Stephanie was very helpful and cool with us in the classroom made sure we were up to date and understood everything. Then In the yard from our 1st day we were hands on and I like that I’m a hands on person, Eddie gonna let you know the 1st day he just not handing out cdl you gotta earn it lol and that’s something I respect ,and you’re gonna enjoy yourself while you’re learning they are not uptight it’s a lot you’re gonna have to absorb from day 1.And all the instructors were very cool and know what there doing out there so I would take notes from every instructor and listen they are not out there to make you fail, from Reuben who taught me his way of the alley dock and even offset once you in there you in there lol and he really gonna make sure you are know what you doing after you done with the yard and that’s where Russell come in he taught me a whole lotta getting straight with the lord, backing up and another way to do the alley dock I mixed his and Ruben techniques up which was very helpful. For the pre trip and in cab I’ll give that to the queen Nancy from first day she was on us with the pre trip and on cab and little ways to remember the parts to the trucking would say when not at school keep your head in that book lol . Also Daniel and Roy even ron all the instructors are good at teaching you hands on and are treating every student the same if you have a problem they would help you fix it. 160 taught us everything that was on the test and sum real life situations without them I wouldn’t have my cdl or know how to drive a truck.To sum it all up I really recommend 160 driving academy it’s a great school, hands on from day one , and good instructors who’s cool and you can relate to and they gonna help you get on the road with your cdl . Oh and don’t forget in the words of Eddie GOAL (get out and look ). Thank you 160

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