As a student coming from Boston and looking for the best school that could get me my Cdl was very hard.Coming to 160 drive was the best choice I ever made it was very exciting the reason why is because my branch manager Stephanie walk me through everything I needed to know she was very sweet and nice but she is all about Business. Now I don’t even know we’re should I start when it came down to working on the yard.And let me tell you my lead instructor Eddie this man was sent to from heaven this man never gave up on me he always had faith in me even though I didn’t he always said hey look at me remember why you came here you didn’t come here for nothing do this for your son. And Mr. Brian my instructor this man never left my side not one’s we had over ups and down the reason why is because I wanted to give up he told me I believe in you when I first started to work on offset this man kept making me get out the truck and look when you here Brian say’s pull your breaks and come here I was getting mad when he kept doing that until I understand what I was doing and what I was looking at I was getting frustrated every time and I started to realize why he was doing it he said Alex if you want your trailer to go right turn your wheels to the left when it was time for me to do alley dock this man made me cry because I wanted the easy way out and he was not having it he said you better not come this far and now you want to gave up he said I have faith in you I’m giving you all I got you better take it and run with it you just got to trust the process and let the trailer do some work you can’t do all the work for the trailer just trust the process and I did I could truly say if it wasn’t for Eddie and Brian and John and Daniel I don’t know how would I pass the CDL they had nothing but tough love They never gave up on me If I had the chance to refer anyone to this school I would the reason why is because of these guys If I gave every detail about my experience in the school I would have wrote a book I love you guys and now I am a graduate from 160 driving academy if I could do it you could do it to.

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