The 160 Driving Academy in Oklahoma City instructional design is entirely effective to pass the written and driving exam. For the written exam, the preparation and study resources provided through the 160 Driving Academy’s on-line learning platform are current with the state examination with a multitude of practice exams. Their driving preparation materials provide detailed instructions for proper maneuvers and corrective steps to compensate for common maneuver errors. In the practice yard, the instructors safely instill the procedures required for success as a truck operator. Truck specialist trainers (automatic or manual transmission) - Steve (yard manager), Mike(s), Dell, Russel, George, and others that I didn’t work with but witnessed go beyond their time at the school. They show up and support their students during testing (some even on their day off!), they celebrate student victories when they pass, and they make themselves available to assist with additional training when needed. An evaluation of the cost-of-education and time investment versus expected income post-completion reveals that the return of investment for the 160 Driving Academy is a sound investment for a near-term certification and a life-long resource for a high-salary career. If you are a young man or woman looking to excel in life or an older adult in need of a career change, I highly encourage you to take the time to investigate and inquire of the opportunities waiting for you on the other side of training at Oklahoma City’s 160 Driving Academy.

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