Without any reservations or successful contradictions; if you want to get the BEST truck driving training out there, 160 is the ONLY way to go (in my honest opinion)! The instructors are phenomenal! Each one has his or her unique approaches on how to teach, highlighting very important need-to-knows for the industry. "Big Country" is very positive and encouraging, while "Misspelled Mike" is a walking animation, full of drive (no pun intended)! "Marky Mark" emphasizes the need to be ready, at any moment, to make the best choices when behind the wheel. Richard is a personable instructor. He can talk with and teach ANYONE, regardless of one's level of understanding. Steve is a very seasoned-savvy, knowledgeable, accurate and precise supervisor, making sure everything goes as it should. He is excellent in proving that, in some cases, there's more than one way to "skin a cat." The entire team works WITH YOU AND EACH OTHER! The respect that was shown to me was unlike any other. I walked in feeling like, "Uh-oh! I'm not the truck-driving type! Why am I here?!" When I completed the course, I KNEW I made the right and best choice - ALL doubts and fears disappeared! #160

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