Im so honored to be part of 160 driving academy school. I'm want to give the biggest shout out to Instructor Y. Slater. From the first day Slater give me great directions to my test day. I promise I would of not made it without Slater great wisdom and knowledge about driving and maneuvering these trucks for my career in trucking. I laughed , cried, and even walk out but Ole Slater motivated me back in to pass my driving skill on the first time. Thanks Instructor Y. Slater you are the truth! I not going to leave out Yard manager - Mr. Zed(Mr.Ppl Champ insider love his witty story of life) INSTRUCTOR Shuan - (Mr .Boss...he made sure stuff was done and give you life experience story that I will put in my black book... A super great instructor) Instructor Michael - this amazing Aries was greatest philosopher on trucking. He told me the structure of being one with the tractor and trailer.Mr Pop quiz " what's the coupling and uncoupling system".. I have gain an extended family that I will never lose contact with in this lifetime. Thank so much for the great learning experience North Little Rock 160 Driving Academy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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