I highly recommend 160 driving Academy. I passed my exam on the first try. The instructors are wonderful!!! Scott!!!! Great guy!!! He is a very patient instructor and very humble!! No matter how much you screw up, he wouldn't get mad at you, but will rather continue to work with you until you get it. No matter how much of a slow learner you are, he got you!!! He's awesome and has a soft heart!! Kelvin!!!!! He's wonderful!! He's a father figure to everyone!! He's loved by all the students. When he's absent for a day, everyone misses him. He's friendly, caring and very helpful and helps you feel relaxed while out on the road. He takes his time to train you very well. If you have a problem with Kelvin, then you are something else!!! He's a great old man. You will love him. Rick!!! Great guy but very straight!! He's very tough and at the same time very friendly and wants the best for you. I have heard students complain about him being tough, but from what I understand, his goal is to make you as strong as possible. He wants you to easily pass your CDL exam and become one of the best truck drivers out there. He emphasizes on safety. He's a great supervisor!!! Emma is a great manager!!! She helps you through the process and communicates with you on a regular basis to keep you updated every step of the way during your training. She does her best to have you scheduled for your CDL exam as quickly as she can. She's on top of things and can be counted upon. This great team helped me with my new career in the trucking industry. I had a great experience with them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to them. They are awesome!!!!

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