Branch Manager Joe did a great job of working around my complicated schedule to get me in as fast as he could and was there through every phase, I recommend the Milwaukee Branch. At the yard most of my dealings were with Jim the lead and Jack one of the head instructors. I believe they worked hard to get me the tools I needed to pass the exam and get me into employment which is the goal. Jack was especially instrumental in giving me step by step instruction and then how to troubleshoot when things don't go as planned, bad set ups, mistakes, etc...which is invaluable as nothing ever goes as we plan, I think she would make a great lead instructor as well. Jim works his butt off to do what he can for you but this is where my honesty comes in and I feel I would be doing an injustice by not mentioning this, there seems to be a very large disconnect between upper management and yard needs. Trucks were broke 100% of the time, not near enough instructors for the amount of students, and new students just kept pouring in overwhelming the entire class, I feel I would have been done with the class a month earlier had that not been going on. I will say they have made huge strides and improvements to help future students, hiring more instructors, and buying new trucks, and this is the only reason I am willing to give it 5 stars still. I do feel the school is now in a much better position to grow and take on students then when I started. Overall a great learning experience and value for the money.

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