Let me start by saying that most of the instructors AT THE MILWAUKEE yard are great, the ones that stand out are Tim Jason Patty and Jennifer, they all go out of their way to help their students gain the knowledge they need to be successful. They all made it a fun learning experience and I thank them all for that. The negative things at the milwaukee location are the yard "leads" ,Jack and frank, they spend 90% of the time in the instructor pack van, and even they do come out, it's not too help out, or give one of the instructors a break from the heat, it's to tell them they're not doing their job right, or to talk bad about some of the other instructors. They would talk bad about the instructors that were working hard, and say nothing about the ones sitting under the car port playing on the phone.. ot is very obvious in the yard that they make not only the students uneasy, but the ones that are working in the heat doing all the real work..

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