firstly thank you so much to all my coaches they are amazing and wonderful teachers they leave their soul in the yard to give us knowledge i got there blind and now I am a CDL carrier but to the company 160 ACADEMY SCHOOL is a trash the company i paid my classes in full one time payment and thinking that it will cover all my treading time after I finish my school I had to wait 6 weeks for my test appointment after that time the office manager texted me to tell me I I have to pay more money for refreshing treaning because it was too long waiting for my test thanks to an other person I dont end up paying more money Now the trucks all the time are broken we were 10 students for one truck we don't have time to practice because we were so many to do maneuvers on one truck 160 DRIVING ACADEMY SCHOOL YOU NEED TO SPEND MONEY AND GET THE TRUCKS FIX YOU HAVE THE BEST INSTRUCTORS DONT LET THEM LOOK BAD BECAUSE YOU ARE CHEEP COMPANY THE INSTRUCTORS ARE GETTING ALL THE NEGATIVE ON THEIR FACE BECAUSE THEY ARE WORKING FOR A CHEEP COMPANY THEY ARE EXELENTES INSTRUCTORS WORKING FOR A CHEEP COMPANY

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