Hi my experience at 160Driving Academy was off the chains all the instructor were very attentive and paid attention to the finer points of teaching and they were all different mostly in their approach to me personally Joe was easygoing and to the point but if you broke a rule like driving across the yard he’s let you know, Meanwhile Mark was strait to the point no nonsense kinda guy. Jordan is easygoing but to the point. Tony’s like an encouraging big brother. Jimmy takes care of the whole situation he’s the real quiet one that will put you on the right track if you fall off. And so with that kinda field of professional instructors how can a student fail. There’s no failure here, let talk about Tiname Bond who runs the office she’s the one who actually makes sure the recruitment easy with all the right help and info need for a new studen like me to feel very comfortable in making my decision to sign up160 Drivng academy and I’m thankful for her assistance overall I rate 160 ACADEMY at the very Top. Thank you 160 D A yours truely Gary Pine

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160 Driving Academy Corporate 160 Driving Academy

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  • Open Monday-Friday: 8a-430p
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