I would never have thought about being a truck driver in a million years. This career was never on my radar. However, when I found myself out of a job (not by my choice), my family and I prayed about this career after a friend recommended truck driving. We believed God was telling us to go in this direction so we did. We scraped up what little money we had and I enrolled. The whole experience was an adventure worthy of a movie...there were wins, losses, tears, frustration, anger, despair, disappointment (I failed the test the first time), and finally the victory of obtaining the CDL. Lou (the branch manager) was encouraging throughout the process. Cheryl (chief instructor) along with Leslie, David, Buck, Ernie, Mark, and Adrian all had the patience of Job especially since I had come from an analytical background and wanted to know how things worked (e.g. overthinking). I would have never thought one recommendation from the veteran portion of the Kentucky Career Center for 160 Driving Academy would be the portal to change...I am so thankful that God put the right people in my life to achieve this milestone and my family is ready to ride on the road of freedom.

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