I recommend 160 Driving Academy of Las Vegas. I am going to try and leave a real review rather than just praise or criticism. First the negatives. They sent me to a horrible place to get my drug test. They have said they are now using a different servicer. The first week of videos in a room with uncomfortable folding chairs and the laptops are old and tiny. The trucks at the school are a bit beat up and the yard you are trained in is small and is barely adequate. At times there were too many students so you didn't get enough hands on time with the trucks. Sometimes different information is given by different instructors in regards to how you are tested and it can be a bit of a chore to find out the real information. You need to be a bit proactive at this school to get the instruction you need. With these negatives why do I recommend this school? The friendly office staff worked with me to accept a partial cash/credit payment which was not easy for them. I'll also mention that at the time I signed up 160 was significantly cheaper than the other options I researched. I am not a natural wheelman and maneuvering/driving/shifting the truck did not come easily for me. The instructors at the yard stuck with me with positive encouragement and excellent instruction to get my CDL in my first try. These guys are real truck drivers and have a wealth of knowledge to share. No way I get my CDL without the instructors at the yard going the extra mile to help me. I'd single out names but I literally did not have a negative opinion of any instructor there so there are too many to name. This, in my opinion, makes the negatives seem like nothing because the goal is, after all, to get that CDL. 160 Driving Academy will get that done for you!

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