So at first when I came in I wasn’t too sure if I really wanted this because I had a serious family situation to occur in my first week. So Each day I wld come to school doubting myself. Then on week 2 I said to myself well you better give it your all now or quit. Mr. Dean wldn’t of let me quit if I had even tried to. Which Im thankful that he is there in the position he is. He keeps everyone on track from the students to the instructors. I was also thankful that he put me in Mac group. It’s something about a calm tone, patient person that calms me and grabs my full attention. That’s how Mac the instructor over the automatics is. I cld be in the truck nervous overthinking things and then next thing I know he would begin coaching me or who ever through what we needed to do. I went from being worried that I was messing up too much to each day starting to feel more and more confident. Honestly by week 3 i felt I was ready to be tested. Each day all I did was applied the steps that was given to me and all my maneuvers worked. I would go home and replay everything that Mac had said during training. The next day I would conquer it. I will say everyone learns different some of us may take a little more time or a different strategy. We had people from different parts of the world in our class and all of them appeared to be understanding and working well with Mac. And not to just call on my instructor whom I think is the best but I observed all the other instructors. I would trust my friends and family in the hands of any of them. 160 on 85th is where you want to be they’re a great team

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