3201 E 85th St, Kansas City, MO 64132 <----- This is were I was taught how to drive a Mack truck and by my wonderful instructor yep you guest it Mack🤣 he taught me how to do maneuvers and let me record him reciting the pre-trip so I could study at home, James my main man also let me record him doing the pre- trip; Lord they were my bed bubby for a whole month and didn't even know it🤣 I'd listen to those recordings every night till I fell asleep... Mack teaches you everything you need to know and James well for me he would calm me down when I was frustrated and over thinking it. Joe what can I say she knows her stuff and has the funniest stories 🤣 Ervin I don't know why he gets a bad rap, but I thought he was pleasant I enjoyed being greeted by him every morning and he also taught me some maneuvers and believe you and me I'm not that easy to teach... Apparently I had the VIP treatment because I went OTR with 2 instructors Mack & James and Vicky showed me the DMV site but my buddy James was there to meet us and made sure what I should expect on test day. You know what Charma & Anthony also help me with pre-tip.... Basically what I'm trying to say you'll always have someone to help you at 160.... Thank you all for the help it all paid off....

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160 Driving Academy Corporate 160 Driving Academy

  • Two North Riverside Plaza, Suite 2100 Chicago, IL 60606
  • Open Monday-Friday: 8a-430p
  • (877) 350-0884
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