My experience was very good honestly, I have no complaints about the 160 driving academy. The 4 instructors I had all had a different way in teaching you how to safely operate and how to best teach any new drivers on how to operate these vehicles. Phil in my experience is right to the point and he wants you to succeed and gives you every opportunity to succeed if you really want to. Mike is very lad back but he will teach you more about thre real world applications to driving a 18 wheeler and keep you in high spirits. Miss T has the best analogies in teaching any new drivers and is right to the point. As she told me multiple times don't make it complicated. She also taught me the there is always away to fix it and you should never drive away from the problem but go towards its. Matt is right to point and a bit more serious at times when it's needed and a very big history buff. My branch manager Chris was great to he very helpful though out the entire time I was signed up for the course. All and all it was great, but the one I can say to any new people wanting to sign up, you have to want it and you have to be open to change.

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160 Driving Academy Corporate 160 Driving Academy

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