I want to start off by thanking the incredibly caring and supportive group of instructors and yard manager at the Conveyor Street Indianapolis location. Their willingness to help guide you every step of the way was without a question, very helpful to me and to those that came before me and those that will succeed after me. There are no amount of adjectives that could describe my gratitude towards... in no particular order (Phil, Rob, Pat, Mike, Matt and Ms T. There are also 2 new female instructors that i want to give a shout out to, but i'm afraid to mess up their names. Thanks to all of you. If you are someone that is thinking about attending 160 Driving Academy, do yourself a favor and just do it. You'll be in good hands. Two BIG Thumbs way up! To current students and future ones. Times may get tough. Some days better than others during your training, but promise yourself that you will never give up on yourself and you will be fine. #ClassOF2023 signing off!

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