To rate the school from 1-10 I would rate it a 4. Very unprofessional I started the school thinking my license was taking away to find out it wasn’t. They allow me to start school knowing I had a valid CDL and over charge me I’m still waiting on emails and call backs. Communication sucks you can never get ahold of anyone. I didn’t go though with the complete course after seeing my license was valid I stopped at under 50 of the corse and they are still saying I owe 3k. My 6 days of the corse wasn’t worth it. They stand you out side and give you a paper and say remember it. The instructors well some not all were rude. They threatened to kick me out the corse if I don’t memorize the pre-trip content. That really rubbed me wrong in a sense I’m spending 4300$ and you say you will kick me out if I don’t have it remembered by a specific date. Over all I wouldn’t tell anyone to go to this school if this is how they operate. Yes it may be 10M people that have got they CDL though them but now I’m wondering how many people may have dropped out because if the lack of respect and understanding or just been kicked out how they threatened me. I choose to go this corse because I have had a CDL previously and I know how hard the DPS can be I thought it would be a little more hands on and patients spending more money and testing out though the school. Do your research don’t just read reviews find people that have went there before taking those steps 4300$ isn’t the most money but it’s yours spend it correctly and make sure it’s not a waste because at this moment for me I spent less then 50 hour at their location and I’m being charged 3k it’s a 160hr corse you do the match and tell me is it right. Make sure you can memorize what you read because they are hard on you about pretrip hope this helps someone I never write reviews my apologies if punctuation and spelling is off hope the understanding is there.

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