What can I say? It’s been quite the journey me. I’ll start by saying, “I am one and done” I passed on my first try because I was given the tools to do so. Ms. Tamez is phenomenal and I say this from the heart. She was absolutely amazing. Her wisdom, her Knowledge, and even her understanding and patience level with me is unmatched. I chose the absolute perfect shift. Sunday through Wednesday 7am-5:30pm. That woman stayed on my tail to make sure I could offset and I’m so very grateful for her in its entirety. Mr. Gilbert is amazing as well. His knowledge and patience in being able to teach individuals with or without experience to operate a manual transmission is beyond this world. He such a great individual that I look at him as the Pappa Bear on the yard. He will get you right if you come with the right mind set. Mr. Robert is part of the younger generation where he can relate on levels where there may be a generational gap. He is the reason I got my pre trip down by day 3. His patience and virtue is outstanding and I’m so very grateful for him as well. Last, but definitely not least we have Mr. Tim. I just love his teachings and how calm and cool he is. He has the energy to make one relax because he’s always so relaxed and calm. I got my parallel down due to Mr. Tim’s teachings. Mr. Tim is full of knowledge about driving these trucks that now I’m looking for a Coronada. These four instructors are by far the best that 160 Driving Academy has to offer. If you’re a student at life then this place will be a breeze to you. Understand, you will not be 100% of yourself everyday but you can give your very best everyday. I’m grateful to say the least and one I plan to come back and become an instructor so that I too can make a difference in the lives of many of who are seeking to change their lives financially. God bless these four individuals because they are God sent. I’ll forever keep them in my hearts and prayers for the way they blessed me. The knowledge that was given to me is something that I can use for the rest of my career as a Class A CDL Driver! I came in with the heart and passion and they saw that and took me under their wings and flew today! I showed up and God showed out! That’s the God honest truth. One and done! I am one and done because of these four people. They gave me the tools to success and I had it in my mind that I would NOT disappoint myself and I would NOT allow all of their hard work to be in vain. 160 Driving Academy Houston Location Oates Rd is where you want to be! God bless you Ms T (Serge), Mr Tim, Mr a Robert and Mr Gilbert (Mr G). I pray that God falls fresh because you four deserve every blessing come to you because you just planted a seed in good ground! Grateful to say the very least!

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