I went to the Houston Location(Oates Rd) and must say everything is a learning process, and will take time. What I can say is, the instructors there two in particular, one being Mr. G, who is the most knowledgeable and most helpful person you would ever get to experience in this field. Not only does he know his stuff he is very passionate about teaching and it shows. He applied the knowledge in ways easiest to comprehend but also easy to execute on the yard, at the DPS and most importantly the world of TRUCKING. Since we can be hard on ourselves at time and become quite frustrating in the process, patience was needed and he was there thru the whole process in FULL support mode. Then there was Mr. Tim, my time spent with Mr. Tim was very short, but nevertheless much was learned from this gentleman here, his experience in the field made it easy to quickly fix any common mistakes keeping a few things in mind. He helped me master my ultimate fear…. Right turns and now I am a truck driver. Bring a woman coming into this field, 160 Driving Academy but most importantly my instructors gave me all the confidence to dominate this field and I will make them proud. If you want to drive trucks go to 160 Academy but if you want to master driving trucks you go to 160 Academy of Houston and get the best hand down training from Mr. G and Mr. Tim. Thanks for making this experience pleasant for me. And thanks 160 Academy from the class to the yard.

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