160 Driving Academy is the best place to not only learn to be the best truck driver. It's also a place to meet really great people, we'll start with Chris. Chris has a great drive to want to go out and beyond to help us, in other words he doesn't mind getting down to the nitty gritty. Dust and all he's outside giving us great ways to remember that pre trip. Clarence is a firm believer that safety is important when backing those trucks, so he's going to keep reminding you to look at your surroundings and check those mirrors. He's a great guy, you should catch up with him while you're there. You'll like his personality. Can't forget about James, he gives you chances to try to do your 90°, off set , and straight back on your own. And that was the thing that helped me also, but never the less as soon as I made a mistake. He corrected me A.S.A.P. so I could make the adjustments needed to accomplish the task at hand. John is really good at getting you right with your in cab inspection and having a great view of what you have to remember as far as what's needed for D.M.V. and he has a great attitude about everything that he teaches. Alexander gets you ready for the road going out with him, gets you ready for smooth deliveries with your stops and go's. I know I probably scared him a few times, but he taught me how to bring it to the smooth deliveries of stop and go. Dale believes that you need to have have everything together, before he lets you get on that road. You're gonna want to take everything that everybody else has taught you, and give it to Dale just the way all of these guys taught you from day one. Cause they are all right when it comes to safety, they all believe in that. My favorite from the start ,it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention the Lovely face of the school. Ms. Angela she'll be the first one that you'll meet she gets you rolling right away. A very great way to start my adventure towards my career. I thank you 160 driving academy for being great. At 43 years old, now I'm a successful business owner. And I owe it all to the Greensboro N.C. 160 Driving Academy Team ! Thanks Guys, I Love You All And Be Blessed. GO TEAM 160 !!!!! Sincerely, Donald.

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