I had a great experience with 160 personnel. The training was everything I needed to obtain my commercial drivers license, from the first day in classroom with the hands on instruction, to the actual yard training (which consisted of learning how to maneuver and drive the semi’s). My very first encounter was with Tre. He was very knowledgeable and made it easy to understand his direction. He taught me pre-trip basics and straight backing on my first day! Darnel was extremely thorough in his approach; and very particular. I love that he provided explanations in his method as it made the lessons easy to retain. Geo was awesome because he specialized in simplicity - which is what I needed after understanding the methodology in Darnell’s instruction. Geo kept it plain and simple and I appreciated that! Darrel and Tre always ensured my grades were updated properly. Derek was absolutely amazing as well. He was my go-to contact person if I needed to inquire about anything outside of class. He was easily accessible. I really appreciated that. Both Derek and Darnel kept everything (and everyone) running smoothly. Tim and Paul were excellent. Although I never had the opportunity to work with them on the yard because I didn’t utilize a manual truck, they were both very personable and knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of trucking and all that it entailed. I learned a lot …and the process was enjoyable. They each added their own spice and made it easy to stay motivated to return to training each day. I’m now a professional driver! Thanks 160!

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