I have just completed the 160 truck driving course. I had to study hard. This is an accelerated program of 160 hours total (40 hrs -Classroom and 120 hrs Driving Time). It is a lot of information to learn quickly and you get a lot of tests but the information is thorough. You should have good study skills or at least a good memory to go through this course. You should also be mechanically inclined as well as handle academics to complete this course. Both skills are needed. I do recommend this course but it is serious work. My classroom time was no problem but I dropped a Driveshaft on one of the trucks my first week in the driving portion of class. I developed the Nickname of Driveshaft Willie. I like it and think I will keep it. I now have my official Class A license. I am so proud and grateful. I recommend this course to anyone who has the determination and necessary skills to study hard. I am glad to join this family of workers. Good luck to all future truckers. Thank you 160 Driving Academy. 🙋🏽‍♂️🙏🏽

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