My experience at 160 driving training was amazing! I was taught the basics needed to excel in my career as a truck driver. The instructors was very informative, very helpful and passionate about teaching up maneuvers, shifting, clutch control, etc. Thank you Tim for your time, wisdom and expertise thru out the course. You were a major contribution to my success! Thank you Brian for teaching me the 90! The 90 was my biggest monster thru out everything! Brendum, my brutha from another mutha! Love you bro for just being you! Your time, knowledge and singing was a tremendous attribute to me staying focused and motivated! Utivia, sweet Utivia! Such a doll. Your love, smile and laughter is the cornerstone of a perfect day! U are the must heart warming, motivational and comforting person I ever known! Gonna miss you dearly! Kristi, I wanna thank you for believing in me/us and fighting for us like u do! Thank you for being the heartbeat of 160 driving academy and the love, time, passion, knowledge and wisdom waters the seeds of our beliefs for which sprouts the branches of excellence, dedication and hard work for everyone of us that walks in those doors and leave out over achievers feeling good about our futures! You guys rock and everyone of you, together, are the foundation for which truckers from 160 driving academy will forever stand and that is STANDING SOLID!!!!

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