160 was great for me! I had the best trainers started off with DJ(the older one) and ended with Keisha. DJ was very detailed, knowledgeable and trained us to know the handbook itself and key word we needed to know; as well as showing us some tricks to help us move safely into the box. He took the time to study with the group he had and we all learned from each other. We went through the industrial parts of Coppel to help with the turns and it did help!! Keisha was great as well. She had us one by one go over pre trip while she listen and corrected us and had us do it again to help us pass. She was also very detailed and answered any questions we had. Very friendly and knowledgeable of the things she would speak of. Made learning fun and made us feel comfortable while being safe in the driving! She was a fun great teacher to have and very encouraging!! George, the guy that was/is in charge was fun as well. He interacted with everyone that was there, it was like an open door policy. He was able to make you feel happy to be learning from his team, he would greet the new students coming in to let them know what the plan was. Jared was the guy that helped with the scheduling, he was awesome as well, scheduled my test promptly after finishing the school. Overall I had a GREAT experience there. The team was awesome and very friendly and knowledgeable in what they had going on.

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