I highly recommend 160 driving academy in Dallas, Texas! Having never driven a big rig , I was a bit nervous. The 40 hrs. of class time was a good experience and then going to the yard and getting into one for the first time was pretty cool! All the instructors at the yard are great! They are truly there for the students. Nate was my primary instructor, and his 5 steps to offset backing and parallel parking are fool proof. When you follow the steps, it works every time! He also teaches how to correct your mistakes ( which is important), because everyone makes mistakes. Whatever you do in step one, can be fixed in step two or three. When I was at the DPS and doing my parallel parking maneuver, I saw that my set up wasn’t great, at all. I didn’t panic , because I knew that I could fix it. I passed! Nate is an excellent teacher! Thank you , Nate! I want to thank George, who stayed after school one day and showed me some things and gave me some tips that helped me when behind the wheel. I want to thank Mitch and Shannon, for taking me on the road and helping me in the yard. I want to thank Keesha, she stayed after school every day for her own students that would be testing in the Day Cab. I was working in the sleeper cab, and she let me stay and practice for at least a half hour every day. One day, it was two hours! She was not getting paid for that extra time! She, and all the instructors proved that they were there for the students. Of course, I was nervous on the morning of my test. Every one of my instructors said, Mark, I believe in you! That helped! I also asked for help from above. I remember quoting a scripture I learned as a kid. “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” If you will attend 160 driving academy, and listen, study, practice and put the work in, you too, can be a “one and done” club member! Thank you, 160 driving academy , Dallas, Texas! Woot! Woot!

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