The overall experience was very good. Steve, Kurt, Paul and Rick I worked with the most. They all explained every move, how and what to look for, how to correct a bad set up or missing your mark and double clutching. I was having trouble with the 90, as another instructor would just tell you which way to turn and correct the bad move you made. Steve explained it out, showed me how to correct it, let me correct myself and I learned a lot more from him. During my exam I was chosen for the 90 back in. I backed in too far, and was way right in the box and had to correct myself, I remembered what Steve taught me and fixed it. The test site examiner even committed, "you remembered what they taught you and got yourself out a bad spot". Pretrip I scored 87 in 17 minutes, had 4 points on my monivers and perfect on the driving. The only negative I would have is the yard needs some TLC and the trucks need a bath.

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