I want to say that I had a great time with 160 Driving Academy. Starting with the first week of online training in the Chicago Heights Location, it was smooth, no complains, the front desk lady was always helpful. After passing my Permit test and moving onto the South Holland Yard for training, every instructor in there knows what they are doing and help you understand what you are learning. A great shoutout to Greg, Shamika, Tim, Antonio, and the rest of the instructors at the South Holland Yard. The reason why I gave it a 4 stars is because of the amount of students that are in that specific yard. This is no fault to the South Holland Yard but more for the people above them. When I came in I asked what the instructor to student ratio was and I was told 1 instructor to 4 students. The first day at the yard it was 1 instructor to 11 students. We would stand and wait for 2 hours just to drive for 10 minutes in the straight back. As of today I did notice that there are new instructors and they will be opening a Lansing Yard to help ease the amount of students that go to the South Holland Yard for training. This is good for the instructors on the South Holland yard because it will mean smaller groups per each instructor. Perhaps 160 Corporate did see that South holland was overloaded of students which is good, but my experience was rated a 4 star due to what I went through in the 1 month that I was there .

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