The 160 Driving Academy in Chattanooga was absolutely a Huge Door that was opened for me to walk through though in every other direction seemed to be welded shut. But quickly I learned it was for Greater reasons! Michelle Rockholt was totally straight forward and involved. Every question I had she answered clearly and honestly. Let's move on to the yard. Rocky, Casey, and John these guys spoke nothing but life into me. I was fortunate to witness lives be transformed during this process not only mine, other students, but the staff was growing in so many ways also. I am grateful to have been a part of The 160 movement! I want to speak to the ones that are in doubt but have a desire,to the ones with a rough past maybe felony situations like myself, or the ones that simply want to drive but can't afford to take a leap of faith... I'm praying that God does for you, in you, and through you that you could never do without Him! I know things seem uncertain but know you can definitely trust the process at 160 Driving Academy. I know that I've made friendships that will last for an eternity!

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160 Driving Academy Corporate 160 Driving Academy

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